The Promise of Dragons

Episode 10 ...And Takin' Names

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they were standing on the stairwell of the main tower in central Castle Naeytar, finally coming face to face with the leader of the cultists as well as their associate Azbara Jos, a Red Wizard of Thay. The battle was fast and furious. Cultists and Bullywogs charged the heroes, while massive fireballs cut down both friend and foe. The talented yet vile wizard was even able to counter some of the parties magic at will. The elven commander, Dralmoore Borngray teleported around the field, slicing into party members indiscriminately. Several spells and shattered breastplates later, the heroes stood victorious; save young Patrick Nighthill, who tragicly fell in battle with Borngray. Patrick bequeathed his belongings to his friend and travelling companion Fargrim, to further aid in their grand cause. A remorseful Snapjaw was quite shaken after so much lose of life, even refusing to do battle against Borngray, someone who had always shown himself to be honorable in his dealing with the tribe. Snapjaw, having been put in a position of power delegated to his fighters that they halt the siege and wait their enemies out, knowing the cultists to have limited supplies and the bullywogs cowards. They fortified the all portals they did not already control and settled in for the night. During their downtime, the heroes encountered an ancient scrying apparatus atop the central tower. Deciphering some of the recent research on it, they were able to activate the device and use it to scry to a far off location with pin point accuracy. In the sandy scrying pools the characters were able to overhear a discussion between the Black Death, Dragon of the Mere, and his clutch-brother, an identical twin. The revelation of more than one dragon had certainly been of great interest to the cultists who had been doing the spying.

The next morning the heroes decided to explore the depths of the cultists South West tower. The came to and descended a series of stairways that led down to a foggy and mud-slicked cave system. Exploring its many tunnels the crew discovered warm mud pits full of scout bullywogs. Another path brought them to an elaborate pulley system, forseeablely used to transport heavy cargo up and down a twenty foot cliff. Scaling the obstacle they came to the source of the subterranean fog, a huge pair of standing stones sunk into a large teleportation circle. After searching the area they discovered the portal required some form of key or passcode to activate. Assaulting yet another tunnel they came to what looked like a primordial worship site for the bullywogs. The worshiping frogmen were shocked and alarmed that smoothskins were in their holy place, they attempted to deal peacefully but a sneaky assault by their leader, Pharblex Splattergoo prompted the humble cowards into action. A pair of clay jars were thrown from the bullywog leader, shattering on impact they released a cloud of choking spores causing horrible and debilitating hallucination in Thia. The bullywogs seemed completely uneffected by the poison. Again Pharblex, thinking only of his escape utilized friendly-fire spells to take out the heroes at all costs. Eventually overwhelmed he and all his followers fell.

The party was able to revive Spattergoo and question him about the teleportation circle. His grovelling and desire to live did not dissapoint. Although he had no useful information concerning the portal, he did his very best to not anger his betters. He was last seen limping away and diving into one of the many pools throughout the cave system. The party also uncovered a small cache of gems, one less then honest cultist had been stashing for himself as a retirement fund. The party retreated to the chill but defensible teleportation room to plot their next course of action…

Episode 9 Have Fun Siegin' The Castle

With our heroes knocking on the parapets of Castle Naeytar, discussions of tactics began with Snapjaw and the remnants of the Scaly Death Tribe. The heroes scouted and marked a basic attack plan, hoping to sack the bullywogs in the multistory entryway and knock out their signalling alarm. Providing the Lizardfolk with additional metal weapons they waited until midnight to launch the attack. Crossing over the large croc infested moat, the small strike force of characters were able to destroy the signal drum and stealthily kill the guards in a matter of seconds. The coterie of Lizardmen raised and barred the drawbridge to prevent any bullywog reinforcements from the outside. Pushing to the inner courtyard the players were met by a fully-joined battle between cultists, giant lizards, bullywogs and the loyal lizardmen. The Bullywog leader threw out large area of effect hitting his warriors and enemies alike, in order to slow the invaders down. Just as the din of battle was fading a pale wizard in stark red robes appeared atop the central tower. Barymos began scaling the North-Eastern tower to see what was going on there, when a massive fireball shot from the central tower towards him. It seemed to shape itself to squeeze into an open window and violently exploded out the other side, sending the ancient tower crashing into the stables. Barymos was thrown clear but became incapacitated and was sheltered by a small band of lizardfolk. The party moved to chase the escaping bullywog, entering into the smaller, interior courtyard. They found most doors barred and with combat all around them, took to the center tower. Finding the first floor empty and ruinous, they tore up the staircase only to burst into a lavish office and bed chamber of elven decor. Finding nothing to kill or even maim, the heroes ascended to the top level of the tower only to find the Red Wizard Azbara Jos and Dralmoore Borngray, the cult leader; all assisted by creatures and cultists. They group, assisted by the ferocious Snapjaw prepared for battle…

Episode 8 Into the Mere of Dead Men

The group woke up to the angered voice of the taskmaster Bogluck yelling at a would be thief. Larion Keenblade the half elven rogue had taken Fargrims potent Deep Whiskey, a victory nip later put him out of commission laid out in the center yard of the roadhouse. Fargrim stepped up to claim his stolen goods and was immediately spotted by one of the Cultists from the caravan. Publicly challenged by the Shield-Dwarf from the caravan, Tajit Sukesh, Fargrim was forced to defend himself in single combat. With murderous intent, the dwarven guard attempted to take Fargrims life for the believed murder of another hireling guard. Bogluck the halforc roadhouse manager stopped the fight when it became clear Sukesh wasn’t yielding until one of them died. Using a disguise, the warlock was able to interrogate the downed dwarf. Gaining some information about the goings on of the Cultists shipment, the crew poked around and found the only locked door in the storehouse leading to a secured storeroom. “Negotiating” with the lock allowed the sneaky Baremos to find and search a few of the cultist crates. Some rather detailed searching revealed a stack of false crates over a hatch leading down into the darkness. The group gathered their gear and under the cover of soggy skies, snuck out through the moist tunnel finally openning up to the depths of the Mere of Dead Men. The group became immediately aware of four canoes full of Lizardmen and with some fast talking the crew had gained a reluctant escort through the swamp. The lizardmen made a number of trips into the Roadhouse through the secret tunnel, returning each time with marked crates of cultist loot. A particularly outspoken Lizardman known as Snapjaw, managed to get a few hushed words in with the party about the growing discontent of the Lizardfolk and their uneasy alliance with the oppressive Bullywogs and the Cultists. Snapjaw went on to detail how the Cultist Leaders had murdered the Lizardfolk’s shaman leader, leaving them broken and afraid. Snapjaw elluded to his peoples possible desire to overthrow the Bullywogs and take revenge for their slain leader in the name of the Scaley Death tribe.

Plan to side with the Lizardfolk and overthrow their Bullywog overlords, as well as take out Rezmir, the Black half dragon behind the Greenest attack.


Episode 7 The Council Quiet

Meetings in Waterdeep
Introduced to the Lords Alliance and other NPCs
Tracking the Serelim Brothers
Arrival at the Carnath

Episode 6 Completing the Caravan

The Golden Stag
Day 30 – 40 of travel
Ends at Waterdeep

Wagons North
Tailing the Trade Way

Episode 5

When we last left out intrepid adventures they were standing in the steamy depth of a cavernous plateau. Among the numerous villains, less-than brilliant Kobold shock-troops and mighty half-dragons, the heroes stood triumphant! Having recently uncovered a pair of black dragon egg being tended by the Cult, the band decided it best to at least attempt to return with them, and in the worst case scenario destroying them to prevent their evil rearing. A small shaft was discovered that rose up some 60 feet into a lavish rug covered office and commanders bedroom. An elegant central table held maps, notes and terrible poetry all pertaining to dragons and the recent activity of the Cult. One not mentioned that the spoils were to be moved someplace called ‘Naeytar’. Some maps and paper were taken as evidence.
The party found a way to move the dragon eggs to the base of the shaft and managed to strap one of the eggs inside the late Cyanwrath’s scale armor, and were able to delicately hoist it to the office above.
As the egg was just reaching the top of the 60 foot climb, an important looking wizard woman in fine purple robes and a small contingent of guards entered to see their precious cargo dangling precariously over a certainly shatter-inducing fall. The immediate onslaught of guards was halted by the leverage of the valuable egg. The head wizard began subtly weaving a spell as nearly all of the party became blissfully at ease, loosing all sight of potential threats in the room. The purple robed human attempted to peacefully lead the group away from the egg only to have her spell be broken by the two characters to succeed against the enchantment. A flurry of drowsy guards, powerful and deadly spells, as well as heroic thunderclaps and clashing steel brought down the fanatical mage for good. Unfortunately nearly every heroic person in the group was brought low and nearly killed by a the protracted battle through the caves. Unfortunately not all characters made it back alive; the warrior Ayawn was rent by necrotic spells and Garrett Rhyker squired by flanking guards.
The group was shocked as their hearing began to return to find the armored egg attempting to hatch. It was quickly freed from the armor encasing it and promptly fell out of its slightly acidic eggshell. The poor underdeveloped creature thrashed about but was only able to breathe for a few moments before its premature lungs collapsed. They egg and creature were tossed down the shaft and the second egg was destroyed in the process. Free of their egg burden the party set about burning the corpses of their fallen comrades in the oil and fire they loved so much.
Leaving the heroic blaze behind them the party explored the adjoining guards barracks and now completely emptied loot room. There they found a passed out cultist, three bottles deep into an abandoned case. Amidst the broken pottery and less valuable gear left behind the ground was able to scrape up 15 gold pieces. They packed up their gear and met the now unemployed manservant Cordry outside in the treeline. With the horses prepared the now three strong party, made for the remnants of old Greenest.
Three days of slow and trouble riding found the party back at Greenest. Looking over the town they found that most people now live in tents and temporary shacks built against the support of the Keep. The local temple is still, more than 8 days after the fact, being rummaged through for the bodies of loved ones. The party updated the Governor as best they were able and made travel arrangement for the week long journey North to Elturguard and the capital city of Eltureal. The news of would be Dragon hatchlings spread quickly through the Keep’s halls.
They spent the evening carousing, sharing drinks and gambling in the ‘Standing Stag’, a small tavern renamed for its rare position of being mostly unharmed by the attack. Some quickly made gold at cards but after a few unfortunate turns of luck young Patrick began exchanging insults with Carver, the sour General store owner. After a public laugh at Patrick’s expense, he called up a litany of insults aimed at old Carver’s wife. The expected uproarious laughter was instead replaced by shutting silence as a barmaid whispered about the untimely death of Carver’s wife when the temple collapsed. Carver stabbed a knife he was holding into the table and stormed off muttering about Nighthills. As the group was pulling free from the city, Carver could be seen staring through slats of his store’s window.
They made good time wagonning through the country side towards their destination, and seven thankfully uneventful days later they pulled upon the gates of the City of Lights, Eltureal. Seeking their halfelven monk friend and his contact, the Paladin of Torm, Ontharr Frume, they headed to the temple district. Inquiring about Frume lead them quickly to a dingy tavern called ‘A Pair of Black Antlers’. Inside they found Leosin Erlanthar desparetely trying to converse with a squat Dwarven paladin amid what seemed like a drunken arm-wrestling tournement. They managed to pull the dwarf away and were introduced to Paladin Ontharr Frome.
Making for a snug semi-private meeting room, Leosin and Ontharr were updated as to the recent developments and finding brought back from the caves. Leosin nearly choked on his drink when the subject of Dragon eggs came up, Ontharr on the other hand, lit up like an ever-burning torch at the prospect of fighting a real-life broodmother. They character conversed about possible deeper connections and overall stratagies that could be in place by the Cult but it was obvious that more information was needed.
Ontharr and Leosin divuldged that they were both representatives of two different but aligned secret societies. Leosin explained that he was a ranking member of the Harpers, a long reveared generally heroic group responsible for keeping evil at bay and power spread out to avoid the cycle of tyranny; and Ontharr presented his case for the Order of the Gauntlet, a more formal and anti-evil establishment who only accept proven champions to face the greatest evils. Both secret groups would be pleased to have the characters join their ranks. A ‘reputed’ hero of the Harpers was provided as clout from Leosin, to aid them on their journey and help fill the space left by their fallen comrades. Plans to leave the city were made the the characters advised to seek disguises and reinforced that they probably should be caught again.
A teifling spy overhead bits of the unfolding plan to attempt to catch up to the loot laden wagons and trace them to their source. While under the cover of what passes for dark in Eltureal, a fast river cuter was loaded up and the heroes began to sail for the port city of Bauldur’s Gate. At the last minuet a sneaking Teifling secreted away on the ship but was eventually discovered by the crew. Proving his worth and all-too-valuable secret knowledge of their plan, they unanimously agreed to take him on board.
Navigating the rapids by lamplight, the crew made birth at the port of Bauldur’s Gate in under two days. There they met their contact, a merchant lord named Acklyn Selborn. He provided signed previous contracts and letters of recommendations, in Alias, to each of the adventurers that they might be easily hired on as capable caravan guards.
The adventures navigated the bustling city of Bauldur’s Gate and spoke with many of the teamsters and merchants planning the next trip North along the Trade Way highway.

The Subterranian Scramble
Descent into the Cultist Loot Caverns

Episode 4

Having made it back to the Cult of the Dragon‘s, now abandoned, hideout, our heroes began the approach into the oddly quiet plateau. They found the once bustling camp now a rutted wreck of damaged tents, waste piles and discarded cookware. Checking their previous prison encampment they found only the headless body of the self-proclaimed Zhentarim spy, still chained to his post. Making their way to the small cave mouth at the far side of the camp, no life was seen.
The mouth of the cave was large enough for the entire party to fit through, allowing them to descend down a short wide flight of stairs into a roughly, and incompletely polished stone room. A faint trail of blood ran through the room terminating at a rounded stone staircase leading to a squat forest of pink and purple bioluminescent mushrooms. The party was ambush by Dragonclaw cultists hiding amonst the shadows. Quickly dispatching them they took the stairs down, some faster than others, as the second stair gave way dumping half the party at the ’feet’ of four violent necrotic mushroom beings. The powerful mushrooms were blasted away by fireballs and missile fire as the party made their way from the forest to a large empty cavern. The crew slowly made their way noting dead bats scattered along the floor and hundreds sleeping on the ceiling. A few loud noises later the bats chirping turned into a frenzy and a small swarm of Stirges struck in the chaos. Nearly blinded by the cloud of bats, the heroes swung wildly eventually taking out the majority of the stirges. They retreated to the forest and rested while the bats eventually gained their composure and settle back to sleep.
Pressing on the characters found a cadre of Kobolds training Ambush Drakes with harsh lashes and raw meat for rewards. The heroes attempted to pull rank and invoke the name of Cyanwrath but the Kobolds, for one of the rarer times in history, knew better. Suffering losses they fell back to their nearby barrack and began barricading them selves in, using their wooden furniture and padded beds for support. After a rousing bit of dumbed down diplomacy the characters realized that the Koblolds had been piling up terribly flamable goods against a door that swung out towards the party, effectively doing nothing. The door was set ablaze and eventually all the Kobolds suffocated and died, attempting to unbury themselves. A sprung trap caused a small cave in sending rocks down a long stairwell and alerting guards to the intruders. A pair of berserkers assaulted the party, thinking them forgetful Kobolds, but were repelled into the demesne of Cyanwrath Langedrosa. Reveling in the opportunity to again smote the ‘valiant survivors of Greenest’ he again challenged Patrick Nighthill to single combat.
Being low on health, Patrick quaffed a potion given to him by his Grandfather the Governor of Greenest, he took up his blade and agreed to the trial. Cyanwrath unslung his great-sword and assumed his practiced cleaving pose. Patrick positively identified the stance and feint maneuver as the same one used in Greenest. He able to provoke the signature attack; only to reverse his stance and send the young heroes sword through the gaping mouth of the half-dragon, killing him instantly.
The team quickly dispatched the remaining honor guard and surveyed the room. The room served as a temple to dragons everywhere but its central show piece was a Celtic style spiral depicting a 5-headed Dragon dwarfing all others surrounding her, an erupting volcano as the backdrop. The party discovered a small ornate chest but before openning it spotted a complex mechanism feeding into the surrounding walls and ceiling. The trap was sprung from a distance and the party marveled as a fine acid mist filled the room, bellowing out from the mouth and nostrils of the many relieve carvings. The green acrid mist gently rolled out of the room into an antechamber and after a few minutes, had completely cleared out. With the chest looted the heroes explored the antechamber to find a hidden cache of Black Dragon Eggs. Tired from their protracted crawl the heroes rested as they decided what to do about the unhatched evil eggs.

Amidst the Sleeping Hive
A stealthy rescue from the Plateau

Episode 3

The party, now fully inside the Raid’s compound, attempted to move around and gain the necessary intel in secret. They made a small camp and stayed scattered for the most part to avoid detection. The raiders made their base inside a nearly hollowed out plateau far away from any civilized township. Together the group was able to count several hundred members of the raid, some of who identified as members of the Cult of the Dragon. They quickly noticed small segregated areas for; Kobolds, Holding Cells, Common Raiders broken into merc groups, and a special elevated slope for officers and Cult Leadership. Among some of the rank and file members of the party noted at least one Red Wizard of Thay, a Blue and Black Half-Dragon, and purple robed cultists who command respect from nearly all Raiders.

After noticing the blue Half-dragon Cyanwrath, Patrick quickly donned a stolen half-helm to hide his tale-tell scar from the villain. Patrick managed to, using a secret cultist salute, bluff his way past honor guards and make way to the tent-folds of the leaders encampment. He learned of the Cult’s next few targets, given expected response and reinforcements from the Sword Coast forces. In addition he overheard discussion of a ‘special package’ being kept in the cave with the treasure horde that had to wait to be shipped North.

Patrick was tapped on the shoulder from behind and when he turned around he received a powerful uppercut from Cyanwrath that sent his helmet flying across the compound. Cyanwrath and his Kobold retinue knocked his out and made a display of throwing him down the hill to the center of the compound. Additional guards were dispatched to the Plateaus exit and cave mouth as the whole of the plateau went into lockdown.

The characters all went down fighting in the midst of a thorough shakedown, with the exception of Garrett Rhyker who was able to blend in amongst a long line of wall-leaning lone-wolf types. All downed heroes were drag-scorted through a guarded wooden gate leading to the holding cells. There they were slowly revived, each tied up to a tall wooden pilings, shackled above their heads. The prisoners are guarded by a cadre of kobolds and an inattentive gate guard. Also in attendance was a severely beaten half-elf monk and a human dressed in Cultist regalia. The Half-elf was revealed to be Leosin Erlanthar the missing monk from Candlekeep and supposed holder of a tome about Dragons Thiea was searching for. The other mystery human identified himself as a member of the Zhentarim, a young assassin sent to infiltrate the cult at any cost.

Garrett was able to skulk up to a watchtower overlooking the Holding cell area, there he managed to dispatch two Dragonclaw cultists and prevent them from raising the alarm. From there he ran a rope down to the gate and descended on the resting guard. A few spells and some quick combat later the kobolds were dispatched and the party agreed to free Leosin, but leave the supposed Zhentarim member tied and gagged. They recovered their gear and made a hasty escape out of the area and found the camp in a state of near evacuation.

“I’m totally with the Vile Warlock on this” The consensuses was decided that an escape and full rest was preferable to fighting deeper into the cavernous unknown.

Garrett and Aeon convinced a group of Kobolds to give them a prepared wagon being filled with foodstuffs in barrels and tent makings. They loaded up their wounded into the wagon and were able to pass through the guarded exit and quickly diverted pathways back to Greenest.

The heroes pulled into Greenest bearing a wagon full of camp rations and temporary tents for housing, they were hailed heroes to the ravaged ruin of the city. Leosin was reunited with his disciples and the party took some downtime after conveying all they had learned with Leosin and the governor. Additional down time activities included stimulating the crippled market of Greenest by investing in some new gear and a rousing bout of feral-cat-racing; in which Commodore Fluffums edged in victory over Chetara and Cottonball.

After sharing insights gained from the adventure, Leosin urgently took his followers back to Candlekeep and planned to head north from there to share the gathered info with a trusted Paladin friend of his named, Ontharr Frume. It was recommended the group seek him out should any new information come up. The Governor tasked the group with returning to the plateau and seeing what if any clues they left behind. The three day trip from the Plateau, and a possible three day trip back would have the Cult nearly a week ahead of the would-be adventurers, and at the rate they were breaking camp they could have easily been gone by then.

The heroes packed up their new henchling, horse and their stolen wagon and headed off to search the plateau once more.

After a few gentle days of travelling the well worn back road the party noticed a small group of hunters they had previously encountered within the enemy compound. The hunters were approached and give some basic info about how they honestly hunt forest and vale game animals for the residents of the plateau. They pay a gold every few days for a deer or two, and apparently despite the lack of guards at the entrance to the plateau, someone is still paying them per beast. The party agreed to spare the hunters and rather pay them 10g pieces to change their buyers to the good people of Greenest, providing fresh meat to the hungry populace.

They party looked upon the foreboding cracked mesa and dared to wonder what horrors could be awaiting them, not only within but below…

Into the Vipers Clutch
Tracking the raiders to their base

Episode 2

The crew left from the Keep of Greenest in an attempt to perform a quick and heroic rescue to the numerous villagers trapped inside the burning church. The attempt was quickly foiled by a large patrol group that swept down on the party forcing them back to the safety of the only defend-able point in town.

Govenor Nighthill watched helplessly as the only temple collapsed in on itself, killing all those trapped inside.

Just before first light a blue Half-Dragon named Landegrosa Cyanwrath and his elite troop of Kobolds hailed the Keep offering four local hostages in exchange for an honorable duel. Guard Captain Markguth recognized the hostages as his sister Anna and her three youngest children. Among the wounded party and Keep goers, Patrick Nighthill, entrusted by his grandfather the Govenor took up arms to challenge the daunting Half-dragon one-on-one.

Three of the hostages were set free as Patrick presented himself onto the field in good faith. Patrick was quickly felled by what looked like a well practiced feint maneuver where a strong overhead prepared swing turned into a devistating breath attack. The Half-dragon nearly killed the young hero when he pressed his blade into his cheek causing a severe scar down his face. Anna the baker was released as Cyanwrath and his retinue joined the raid in retreating into the darkness. Healers and footmen stormed out to secure Anna and Patrick in the event of treachery. Patrick was saved from death and nursed back to health by the next afternoon.

After a bit of rest in the keep, the adventurers decided to follow the trail left by the wagons and raiders heading from the city. After some simple tracking the group stumbled upon a small group that had fallen behind the rear guard who had camped out around ‘Frontflip Rock’. The group consisted of a few brutish humans and a small clutch of Kobolds, the heroes were able to blend in as a group of Acolytes straggling in from the raid as well. There was obviously some growing dissent between the task-master Humans and their second-class Kobold shock troops. Fargrim was able to ‘enlighten’ the Kobolds that the bandity crew was withholding from the Great Horde. The Kobolds and party quickly dispatched the few Humans and took their place among the travelling raid. The party was able to gain some decent intel on the structure and motivation of the Cult of the Dragon from the Kobolds.

They are led into a mesa that is in the process of being hallowed out. There are hundreds of mercs milling about waiting for the next raid. The adventurers keep a low profile for the most part and discover a cave entrance, where they believe the dragon to be.

Greenest in Flames
I love Greenest in Autumn, just not the Dragonfire

Episode 1

Our characters first collide traveling North along the Uldoon trail to the hamlet of Greenest.

Upon their arrival they see the town being sacked by an adult blue dragon and small army of brigands and purple robed casters.

The party fought through waves of enemies, rescuing a few wounded villagers, and eventually made it I sode the keep.

Met by Escobert the Red, the party passed countless wounded and dying innocents on their way to the keep’s ramparts. Governor Nighthill advised them of the situation and numerous things that needed doing in the middle of the night time raid.

During a short respite, Garrett Rhyker stormed up to the battlements to get a good view of the town. Nearly consumed by a bout of Dragonfire he steeled himself against the Dragon’s frightening presence and managed to fire a ballista through one of its wings, damaging the great beast but intesifying its assaults.

The party was told of an ancient escape tunnel built into the Keep’s draining system. Using it they were able to sucessfully able to sneak out of the surrounded keep and into a nearby shallow stream.

Tasked with saving the mill from the fire, capturing an enemy combatant for interrogation and saving anyone seeking sanctuary at the local temple; the adventurers broke into two teams. Garrett would steal off to survey the temple while the party thwarted the sacking of the mill.

Rhyker was able to avoid stream patrols and make his way to a rooftop nearest the temple. He counted three large groups sieging the church, one battering the front door with a makeshift ram, and second mob harassing the windows and terrorizing the inhabitants and a final group setting fire to the rear exit. He was able to disrupt the frontal assault by setting fire to the ram and fought to evade his encroaching enemies. After a bit of hide and seek in the tall brush by the stream he was able to report back to the Keep.

Adohan, Fargrim and Patrick Nighthill forded the stream to charge the mill. Moving from building to building they avoided most passing raiders and gained sight of a few figures preparing to burn the mill.

After noticing some squawble between the Kobolds and their Raider companion Patrick determined that there was more to the situation, citing that they were mearly shifting the haybails and loudly boasting of the impending fire. Multiple spear points and moving bodies were seen hiding within the mill. Patrick attempted to counter this ruse by donning a purple cultist’s robe and diverting the ambush to directly assault the Keep. The forces bought his gamble and began charging down the road towards his hiding allies. Quick talking by Patrick sent the forces to the stream and directly towards the secret entrance the players had slipped out of. If allowed to enter the force of approximately 15 would easily take the Keep from within. Some fancy magic and following damaged wiped out the invading force from behind while those inside became alerted to the few kobolds storming the drains. The force was repelled and one scared Kobold was taken into chains as a prisoner.

Together at the top of the tower Fargrim spotted a dark hooded figure, a Halfdragon, being escorted away from the sacked village.

The Mill as been spared, for now.
All siege abilities of the Keep have been destroyed.
The temple is still under siege.

“You do-badders look out, cause here comes the OPRAH of punches”


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