The Promise of Dragons

Episode 8 Into the Mere of Dead Men

The group woke up to the angered voice of the taskmaster Bogluck yelling at a would be thief. Larion Keenblade the half elven rogue had taken Fargrims potent Deep Whiskey, a victory nip later put him out of commission laid out in the center yard of the roadhouse. Fargrim stepped up to claim his stolen goods and was immediately spotted by one of the Cultists from the caravan. Publicly challenged by the Shield-Dwarf from the caravan, Tajit Sukesh, Fargrim was forced to defend himself in single combat. With murderous intent, the dwarven guard attempted to take Fargrims life for the believed murder of another hireling guard. Bogluck the halforc roadhouse manager stopped the fight when it became clear Sukesh wasn’t yielding until one of them died. Using a disguise, the warlock was able to interrogate the downed dwarf. Gaining some information about the goings on of the Cultists shipment, the crew poked around and found the only locked door in the storehouse leading to a secured storeroom. “Negotiating” with the lock allowed the sneaky Baremos to find and search a few of the cultist crates. Some rather detailed searching revealed a stack of false crates over a hatch leading down into the darkness. The group gathered their gear and under the cover of soggy skies, snuck out through the moist tunnel finally openning up to the depths of the Mere of Dead Men. The group became immediately aware of four canoes full of Lizardmen and with some fast talking the crew had gained a reluctant escort through the swamp. The lizardmen made a number of trips into the Roadhouse through the secret tunnel, returning each time with marked crates of cultist loot. A particularly outspoken Lizardman known as Snapjaw, managed to get a few hushed words in with the party about the growing discontent of the Lizardfolk and their uneasy alliance with the oppressive Bullywogs and the Cultists. Snapjaw went on to detail how the Cultist Leaders had murdered the Lizardfolk’s shaman leader, leaving them broken and afraid. Snapjaw elluded to his peoples possible desire to overthrow the Bullywogs and take revenge for their slain leader in the name of the Scaley Death tribe.

Plan to side with the Lizardfolk and overthrow their Bullywog overlords, as well as take out Rezmir, the Black half dragon behind the Greenest attack.




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