The Promise of Dragons

Greenest in Flames

I love Greenest in Autumn, just not the Dragonfire

Episode 1

Our characters first collide traveling North along the Uldoon trail to the hamlet of Greenest.

Upon their arrival they see the town being sacked by an adult blue dragon and small army of brigands and purple robed casters.

The party fought through waves of enemies, rescuing a few wounded villagers, and eventually made it I sode the keep.

Met by Escobert the Red, the party passed countless wounded and dying innocents on their way to the keep’s ramparts. Governor Nighthill advised them of the situation and numerous things that needed doing in the middle of the night time raid.

During a short respite, Garrett Rhyker stormed up to the battlements to get a good view of the town. Nearly consumed by a bout of Dragonfire he steeled himself against the Dragon’s frightening presence and managed to fire a ballista through one of its wings, damaging the great beast but intesifying its assaults.

The party was told of an ancient escape tunnel built into the Keep’s draining system. Using it they were able to sucessfully able to sneak out of the surrounded keep and into a nearby shallow stream.

Tasked with saving the mill from the fire, capturing an enemy combatant for interrogation and saving anyone seeking sanctuary at the local temple; the adventurers broke into two teams. Garrett would steal off to survey the temple while the party thwarted the sacking of the mill.

Rhyker was able to avoid stream patrols and make his way to a rooftop nearest the temple. He counted three large groups sieging the church, one battering the front door with a makeshift ram, and second mob harassing the windows and terrorizing the inhabitants and a final group setting fire to the rear exit. He was able to disrupt the frontal assault by setting fire to the ram and fought to evade his encroaching enemies. After a bit of hide and seek in the tall brush by the stream he was able to report back to the Keep.

Adohan, Fargrim and Patrick Nighthill forded the stream to charge the mill. Moving from building to building they avoided most passing raiders and gained sight of a few figures preparing to burn the mill.

After noticing some squawble between the Kobolds and their Raider companion Patrick determined that there was more to the situation, citing that they were mearly shifting the haybails and loudly boasting of the impending fire. Multiple spear points and moving bodies were seen hiding within the mill. Patrick attempted to counter this ruse by donning a purple cultist’s robe and diverting the ambush to directly assault the Keep. The forces bought his gamble and began charging down the road towards his hiding allies. Quick talking by Patrick sent the forces to the stream and directly towards the secret entrance the players had slipped out of. If allowed to enter the force of approximately 15 would easily take the Keep from within. Some fancy magic and following damaged wiped out the invading force from behind while those inside became alerted to the few kobolds storming the drains. The force was repelled and one scared Kobold was taken into chains as a prisoner.

Together at the top of the tower Fargrim spotted a dark hooded figure, a Halfdragon, being escorted away from the sacked village.

The Mill as been spared, for now.
All siege abilities of the Keep have been destroyed.
The temple is still under siege.

“You do-badders look out, cause here comes the OPRAH of punches”



Greenest in Flames

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