The Promise of Dragons

Into the Vipers Clutch

Tracking the raiders to their base

Episode 2

The crew left from the Keep of Greenest in an attempt to perform a quick and heroic rescue to the numerous villagers trapped inside the burning church. The attempt was quickly foiled by a large patrol group that swept down on the party forcing them back to the safety of the only defend-able point in town.

Govenor Nighthill watched helplessly as the only temple collapsed in on itself, killing all those trapped inside.

Just before first light a blue Half-Dragon named Landegrosa Cyanwrath and his elite troop of Kobolds hailed the Keep offering four local hostages in exchange for an honorable duel. Guard Captain Markguth recognized the hostages as his sister Anna and her three youngest children. Among the wounded party and Keep goers, Patrick Nighthill, entrusted by his grandfather the Govenor took up arms to challenge the daunting Half-dragon one-on-one.

Three of the hostages were set free as Patrick presented himself onto the field in good faith. Patrick was quickly felled by what looked like a well practiced feint maneuver where a strong overhead prepared swing turned into a devistating breath attack. The Half-dragon nearly killed the young hero when he pressed his blade into his cheek causing a severe scar down his face. Anna the baker was released as Cyanwrath and his retinue joined the raid in retreating into the darkness. Healers and footmen stormed out to secure Anna and Patrick in the event of treachery. Patrick was saved from death and nursed back to health by the next afternoon.

After a bit of rest in the keep, the adventurers decided to follow the trail left by the wagons and raiders heading from the city. After some simple tracking the group stumbled upon a small group that had fallen behind the rear guard who had camped out around ‘Frontflip Rock’. The group consisted of a few brutish humans and a small clutch of Kobolds, the heroes were able to blend in as a group of Acolytes straggling in from the raid as well. There was obviously some growing dissent between the task-master Humans and their second-class Kobold shock troops. Fargrim was able to ‘enlighten’ the Kobolds that the bandity crew was withholding from the Great Horde. The Kobolds and party quickly dispatched the few Humans and took their place among the travelling raid. The party was able to gain some decent intel on the structure and motivation of the Cult of the Dragon from the Kobolds.

They are led into a mesa that is in the process of being hallowed out. There are hundreds of mercs milling about waiting for the next raid. The adventurers keep a low profile for the most part and discover a cave entrance, where they believe the dragon to be.


So we tracked them to their hideout, what did I miss after that? :P

Into the Vipers Clutch

You got recognized by the blue dragon guy, tied to a stake, then everyone else except Rhyker got found out and captured. Rhyker snuck into the guard tower, took out the two guards, dynamic entree’d the guard in the prison pit, then helped take out the remaining kobolds there and freed the party and Lee Sin the blind monk. We stole a wagon, dragon claw’d our way through the gate and returned to Greenest. Spent some money, hired Steve, and I got a horse. Then we turned around and went back to the hideout to explore the dungeony treasure cave.

Into the Vipers Clutch

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