The Promise of Dragons

The Subterranian Scramble

Descent into the Cultist Loot Caverns

Episode 4

Having made it back to the Cult of the Dragon‘s, now abandoned, hideout, our heroes began the approach into the oddly quiet plateau. They found the once bustling camp now a rutted wreck of damaged tents, waste piles and discarded cookware. Checking their previous prison encampment they found only the headless body of the self-proclaimed Zhentarim spy, still chained to his post. Making their way to the small cave mouth at the far side of the camp, no life was seen.
The mouth of the cave was large enough for the entire party to fit through, allowing them to descend down a short wide flight of stairs into a roughly, and incompletely polished stone room. A faint trail of blood ran through the room terminating at a rounded stone staircase leading to a squat forest of pink and purple bioluminescent mushrooms. The party was ambush by Dragonclaw cultists hiding amonst the shadows. Quickly dispatching them they took the stairs down, some faster than others, as the second stair gave way dumping half the party at the ’feet’ of four violent necrotic mushroom beings. The powerful mushrooms were blasted away by fireballs and missile fire as the party made their way from the forest to a large empty cavern. The crew slowly made their way noting dead bats scattered along the floor and hundreds sleeping on the ceiling. A few loud noises later the bats chirping turned into a frenzy and a small swarm of Stirges struck in the chaos. Nearly blinded by the cloud of bats, the heroes swung wildly eventually taking out the majority of the stirges. They retreated to the forest and rested while the bats eventually gained their composure and settle back to sleep.
Pressing on the characters found a cadre of Kobolds training Ambush Drakes with harsh lashes and raw meat for rewards. The heroes attempted to pull rank and invoke the name of Cyanwrath but the Kobolds, for one of the rarer times in history, knew better. Suffering losses they fell back to their nearby barrack and began barricading them selves in, using their wooden furniture and padded beds for support. After a rousing bit of dumbed down diplomacy the characters realized that the Koblolds had been piling up terribly flamable goods against a door that swung out towards the party, effectively doing nothing. The door was set ablaze and eventually all the Kobolds suffocated and died, attempting to unbury themselves. A sprung trap caused a small cave in sending rocks down a long stairwell and alerting guards to the intruders. A pair of berserkers assaulted the party, thinking them forgetful Kobolds, but were repelled into the demesne of Cyanwrath Langedrosa. Reveling in the opportunity to again smote the ‘valiant survivors of Greenest’ he again challenged Patrick Nighthill to single combat.
Being low on health, Patrick quaffed a potion given to him by his Grandfather the Governor of Greenest, he took up his blade and agreed to the trial. Cyanwrath unslung his great-sword and assumed his practiced cleaving pose. Patrick positively identified the stance and feint maneuver as the same one used in Greenest. He able to provoke the signature attack; only to reverse his stance and send the young heroes sword through the gaping mouth of the half-dragon, killing him instantly.
The team quickly dispatched the remaining honor guard and surveyed the room. The room served as a temple to dragons everywhere but its central show piece was a Celtic style spiral depicting a 5-headed Dragon dwarfing all others surrounding her, an erupting volcano as the backdrop. The party discovered a small ornate chest but before openning it spotted a complex mechanism feeding into the surrounding walls and ceiling. The trap was sprung from a distance and the party marveled as a fine acid mist filled the room, bellowing out from the mouth and nostrils of the many relieve carvings. The green acrid mist gently rolled out of the room into an antechamber and after a few minutes, had completely cleared out. With the chest looted the heroes explored the antechamber to find a hidden cache of Black Dragon Eggs. Tired from their protracted crawl the heroes rested as they decided what to do about the unhatched evil eggs.



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