The Promise of Dragons

Wagons North

Tailing the Trade Way

Episode 5

When we last left out intrepid adventures they were standing in the steamy depth of a cavernous plateau. Among the numerous villains, less-than brilliant Kobold shock-troops and mighty half-dragons, the heroes stood triumphant! Having recently uncovered a pair of black dragon egg being tended by the Cult, the band decided it best to at least attempt to return with them, and in the worst case scenario destroying them to prevent their evil rearing. A small shaft was discovered that rose up some 60 feet into a lavish rug covered office and commanders bedroom. An elegant central table held maps, notes and terrible poetry all pertaining to dragons and the recent activity of the Cult. One not mentioned that the spoils were to be moved someplace called ‘Naeytar’. Some maps and paper were taken as evidence.
The party found a way to move the dragon eggs to the base of the shaft and managed to strap one of the eggs inside the late Cyanwrath’s scale armor, and were able to delicately hoist it to the office above.
As the egg was just reaching the top of the 60 foot climb, an important looking wizard woman in fine purple robes and a small contingent of guards entered to see their precious cargo dangling precariously over a certainly shatter-inducing fall. The immediate onslaught of guards was halted by the leverage of the valuable egg. The head wizard began subtly weaving a spell as nearly all of the party became blissfully at ease, loosing all sight of potential threats in the room. The purple robed human attempted to peacefully lead the group away from the egg only to have her spell be broken by the two characters to succeed against the enchantment. A flurry of drowsy guards, powerful and deadly spells, as well as heroic thunderclaps and clashing steel brought down the fanatical mage for good. Unfortunately nearly every heroic person in the group was brought low and nearly killed by a the protracted battle through the caves. Unfortunately not all characters made it back alive; the warrior Ayawn was rent by necrotic spells and Garrett Rhyker squired by flanking guards.
The group was shocked as their hearing began to return to find the armored egg attempting to hatch. It was quickly freed from the armor encasing it and promptly fell out of its slightly acidic eggshell. The poor underdeveloped creature thrashed about but was only able to breathe for a few moments before its premature lungs collapsed. They egg and creature were tossed down the shaft and the second egg was destroyed in the process. Free of their egg burden the party set about burning the corpses of their fallen comrades in the oil and fire they loved so much.
Leaving the heroic blaze behind them the party explored the adjoining guards barracks and now completely emptied loot room. There they found a passed out cultist, three bottles deep into an abandoned case. Amidst the broken pottery and less valuable gear left behind the ground was able to scrape up 15 gold pieces. They packed up their gear and met the now unemployed manservant Cordry outside in the treeline. With the horses prepared the now three strong party, made for the remnants of old Greenest.
Three days of slow and trouble riding found the party back at Greenest. Looking over the town they found that most people now live in tents and temporary shacks built against the support of the Keep. The local temple is still, more than 8 days after the fact, being rummaged through for the bodies of loved ones. The party updated the Governor as best they were able and made travel arrangement for the week long journey North to Elturguard and the capital city of Eltureal. The news of would be Dragon hatchlings spread quickly through the Keep’s halls.
They spent the evening carousing, sharing drinks and gambling in the ‘Standing Stag’, a small tavern renamed for its rare position of being mostly unharmed by the attack. Some quickly made gold at cards but after a few unfortunate turns of luck young Patrick began exchanging insults with Carver, the sour General store owner. After a public laugh at Patrick’s expense, he called up a litany of insults aimed at old Carver’s wife. The expected uproarious laughter was instead replaced by shutting silence as a barmaid whispered about the untimely death of Carver’s wife when the temple collapsed. Carver stabbed a knife he was holding into the table and stormed off muttering about Nighthills. As the group was pulling free from the city, Carver could be seen staring through slats of his store’s window.
They made good time wagonning through the country side towards their destination, and seven thankfully uneventful days later they pulled upon the gates of the City of Lights, Eltureal. Seeking their halfelven monk friend and his contact, the Paladin of Torm, Ontharr Frume, they headed to the temple district. Inquiring about Frume lead them quickly to a dingy tavern called ‘A Pair of Black Antlers’. Inside they found Leosin Erlanthar desparetely trying to converse with a squat Dwarven paladin amid what seemed like a drunken arm-wrestling tournement. They managed to pull the dwarf away and were introduced to Paladin Ontharr Frome.
Making for a snug semi-private meeting room, Leosin and Ontharr were updated as to the recent developments and finding brought back from the caves. Leosin nearly choked on his drink when the subject of Dragon eggs came up, Ontharr on the other hand, lit up like an ever-burning torch at the prospect of fighting a real-life broodmother. They character conversed about possible deeper connections and overall stratagies that could be in place by the Cult but it was obvious that more information was needed.
Ontharr and Leosin divuldged that they were both representatives of two different but aligned secret societies. Leosin explained that he was a ranking member of the Harpers, a long reveared generally heroic group responsible for keeping evil at bay and power spread out to avoid the cycle of tyranny; and Ontharr presented his case for the Order of the Gauntlet, a more formal and anti-evil establishment who only accept proven champions to face the greatest evils. Both secret groups would be pleased to have the characters join their ranks. A ‘reputed’ hero of the Harpers was provided as clout from Leosin, to aid them on their journey and help fill the space left by their fallen comrades. Plans to leave the city were made the the characters advised to seek disguises and reinforced that they probably should be caught again.
A teifling spy overhead bits of the unfolding plan to attempt to catch up to the loot laden wagons and trace them to their source. While under the cover of what passes for dark in Eltureal, a fast river cuter was loaded up and the heroes began to sail for the port city of Bauldur’s Gate. At the last minuet a sneaking Teifling secreted away on the ship but was eventually discovered by the crew. Proving his worth and all-too-valuable secret knowledge of their plan, they unanimously agreed to take him on board.
Navigating the rapids by lamplight, the crew made birth at the port of Bauldur’s Gate in under two days. There they met their contact, a merchant lord named Acklyn Selborn. He provided signed previous contracts and letters of recommendations, in Alias, to each of the adventurers that they might be easily hired on as capable caravan guards.
The adventures navigated the bustling city of Bauldur’s Gate and spoke with many of the teamsters and merchants planning the next trip North along the Trade Way highway.



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