The Promise of Dragons

Episode 10 ...And Takin' Names

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they were standing on the stairwell of the main tower in central Castle Naeytar, finally coming face to face with the leader of the cultists as well as their associate Azbara Jos, a Red Wizard of Thay. The battle was fast and furious. Cultists and Bullywogs charged the heroes, while massive fireballs cut down both friend and foe. The talented yet vile wizard was even able to counter some of the parties magic at will. The elven commander, Dralmoore Borngray teleported around the field, slicing into party members indiscriminately. Several spells and shattered breastplates later, the heroes stood victorious; save young Patrick Nighthill, who tragicly fell in battle with Borngray. Patrick bequeathed his belongings to his friend and travelling companion Fargrim, to further aid in their grand cause. A remorseful Snapjaw was quite shaken after so much lose of life, even refusing to do battle against Borngray, someone who had always shown himself to be honorable in his dealing with the tribe. Snapjaw, having been put in a position of power delegated to his fighters that they halt the siege and wait their enemies out, knowing the cultists to have limited supplies and the bullywogs cowards. They fortified the all portals they did not already control and settled in for the night. During their downtime, the heroes encountered an ancient scrying apparatus atop the central tower. Deciphering some of the recent research on it, they were able to activate the device and use it to scry to a far off location with pin point accuracy. In the sandy scrying pools the characters were able to overhear a discussion between the Black Death, Dragon of the Mere, and his clutch-brother, an identical twin. The revelation of more than one dragon had certainly been of great interest to the cultists who had been doing the spying.

The next morning the heroes decided to explore the depths of the cultists South West tower. The came to and descended a series of stairways that led down to a foggy and mud-slicked cave system. Exploring its many tunnels the crew discovered warm mud pits full of scout bullywogs. Another path brought them to an elaborate pulley system, forseeablely used to transport heavy cargo up and down a twenty foot cliff. Scaling the obstacle they came to the source of the subterranean fog, a huge pair of standing stones sunk into a large teleportation circle. After searching the area they discovered the portal required some form of key or passcode to activate. Assaulting yet another tunnel they came to what looked like a primordial worship site for the bullywogs. The worshiping frogmen were shocked and alarmed that smoothskins were in their holy place, they attempted to deal peacefully but a sneaky assault by their leader, Pharblex Splattergoo prompted the humble cowards into action. A pair of clay jars were thrown from the bullywog leader, shattering on impact they released a cloud of choking spores causing horrible and debilitating hallucination in Thia. The bullywogs seemed completely uneffected by the poison. Again Pharblex, thinking only of his escape utilized friendly-fire spells to take out the heroes at all costs. Eventually overwhelmed he and all his followers fell.

The party was able to revive Spattergoo and question him about the teleportation circle. His grovelling and desire to live did not dissapoint. Although he had no useful information concerning the portal, he did his very best to not anger his betters. He was last seen limping away and diving into one of the many pools throughout the cave system. The party also uncovered a small cache of gems, one less then honest cultist had been stashing for himself as a retirement fund. The party retreated to the chill but defensible teleportation room to plot their next course of action…



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