The Promise of Dragons

Episode 9 Have Fun Siegin' The Castle

With our heroes knocking on the parapets of Castle Naeytar, discussions of tactics began with Snapjaw and the remnants of the Scaly Death Tribe. The heroes scouted and marked a basic attack plan, hoping to sack the bullywogs in the multistory entryway and knock out their signalling alarm. Providing the Lizardfolk with additional metal weapons they waited until midnight to launch the attack. Crossing over the large croc infested moat, the small strike force of characters were able to destroy the signal drum and stealthily kill the guards in a matter of seconds. The coterie of Lizardmen raised and barred the drawbridge to prevent any bullywog reinforcements from the outside. Pushing to the inner courtyard the players were met by a fully-joined battle between cultists, giant lizards, bullywogs and the loyal lizardmen. The Bullywog leader threw out large area of effect hitting his warriors and enemies alike, in order to slow the invaders down. Just as the din of battle was fading a pale wizard in stark red robes appeared atop the central tower. Barymos began scaling the North-Eastern tower to see what was going on there, when a massive fireball shot from the central tower towards him. It seemed to shape itself to squeeze into an open window and violently exploded out the other side, sending the ancient tower crashing into the stables. Barymos was thrown clear but became incapacitated and was sheltered by a small band of lizardfolk. The party moved to chase the escaping bullywog, entering into the smaller, interior courtyard. They found most doors barred and with combat all around them, took to the center tower. Finding the first floor empty and ruinous, they tore up the staircase only to burst into a lavish office and bed chamber of elven decor. Finding nothing to kill or even maim, the heroes ascended to the top level of the tower only to find the Red Wizard Azbara Jos and Dralmoore Borngray, the cult leader; all assisted by creatures and cultists. They group, assisted by the ferocious Snapjaw prepared for battle…



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